Deathly Decayed

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This community is for people who are interested in photographing the beauty and decay found in graveyards and cemeteries. Graveyard and cemetery photography is this communities primary purpose, but please be aware that there are some general guidelines for the photographs posted.


1. Use an lj cut for larger photographs or multiple photograph sets.
2. Take interesting photographs. Vary your camera angles, get in there and take some nice close-up shots, play with your camera's settings... unusual color shifts, sepia toning, black and white... they all work great in the graveyard.
3. Be considerate of your fellow community members... no slandering or flaming allowed!


1. New gravestones, while sometimes lovely, are seldom decayed, thus they don't really fit into the theme of this community and posting photographs of new, non-decayed gravestones is discouraged (though not forbidden).
2. Don't post photographs that were not taken by you, unless you have permission from the photographer. Links to websites are acceptable, but we'd prefer to see original work of yours.
3. Don't post photos of models standing in a graveyard looking spooky... there are plenty of other lj communities for that purpose.
4. Don't post advertisements for other communities here... they will be deleted.

And I think the most important rule... be respectful of the graves you photograph.

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