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I just got an email notifying me of a moderated submission, and apologize profusely for my lack of activity here (of on livejournal anywhere for that matter)... there aren't any entries sitting in the moderated queue awaiting approval, and I'm not entirely sure why LJ is making me approve them as I never set the group up that way. I just flipped through the account settings and didn't find anything in there that indicates that it is set up that way either. I will delve into the issue more when time permits and see if I can get it straightened out.

Anyway, I haven't been active on LJ in a couple years, other than approving posts as necessary in the groups that I do admin/moderate. I'm going to try to change that this year though, and that includes getting back into photography. I will hopefully have some of my own new additions to the group soon, and would love to see everyone else posting as well.
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Hollywood Cemetery.

Hollywood Cemetery

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Richmond, Virginia
February 2013

(I've finally begun using my PayPal account, so it will now be much easier for anyone who wishes to buy any of my prints. And any photo you see is for sale.
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My family recently took a trip to Gettysburg, PA, and of course a few cemetery visits were involved. I've always been extremely fascinated by cemeteries in general, but especially old cemeteries. Looks like this place is a good find, even if it hasn't been updated in a bit :) Anyway, here are a few of my pictures.

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Strangeness in the Stillwater cemetery...

Well... as I am more of a photographer of abandoned locations, I do not often find myself in a graveyard.
However, this past week was an exception in that I had severe cabin-fever and needed to get out.
I grabbed my camera and just kinda went wherever....
(I did not solely find myself in the Stillwater cemetery, it was just a stop I made along "the way")
If you wish to see my entire outing, here's my entry on my personal journal:
"Things Not Missed"
Along with this cemetery, I also hit an abandoned viaduct and slaughterhouse...

I digress...

I have but a few images from my time at the cemetery.
The retreating storm clouds created an almost otherworldly look to the day...

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Cities of the Dead from New Orleans to Scotland to Prague dear little camera is dead. Died, gone to the great camera heaven in the sky. Good night sweet 20D, you will be missed.

I desperately need a new one. In times of such desperation, action is called for. And since the price tag is over $1500, a big action.
Well below the cut is a print sale of epic proportions...

These prices are slashed by more than half of what they normally sell for.

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If you can't afford a print but like my work, feel free to say so in the form of dollars! Even $5 helps, I swear.

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Shadow Angelina

The blight of Mount Moriah Cemetery

Hello everyone, this is my first post here so perhaps I should introduce myself.
My name is Rusty, and I document abandoned locations via photographs.
My lady-friend Christina is often along with me and films video of wherever we find ourselves.
I have been posting to the "AbandonedPlaces" community for some time now,
but yesterday was my first time posting an abandoned cemetery...
blackrayne took notice of it and directed me here.
From the small bits I have seen thus far, this seems like a very unique community.
One that I'm happy to now be a part of...

Now, on to the entry.

The Mount Moriah Cemetery was established March 27, 1855
by an act of Pennsylvania Legislature.
Originally 54 acres, it now sprawls 380 acres in southwest Philadelphia.
The cemetery was designed around the "rural ideal" that was very popular at the time.
Upon entering the property you were greeted by an ornate
Romanesque entrance and gatehouse constructed of brownstone.
Noted Philadelphia architect of the time, Stephen D. Button designed this grand entrance.

Today the once beautiful graveyard has fallen from it's former grace.
It has come to be surrounded by low-income housing in a high-crime area of the city.
Due to lack of funding for proper maintenance, rampant growing ivy,
thorn bushes, and trees have reclaimed the once beautiful hillside.
So bad is the over-growth that one may trip over a hundred year old headstone
while walking through what looks to be an overgrown field.
Trees rip and topple grand monuments, and thorns hide away countless graves.
Over 5,000 veterans are buried in this tangled jungle of thorns,
some dating back to the Civil War.

There is much beauty to be found here, however it is but a thin veil over the disgrace.

In 2004
Mount Moriah Cemetery was placed on
"Preservation Pennsylvania's Most Endangered Historic Properties"

In 2005 it made it's way onto
"The Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia's Endangered Properties" list.

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