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A word from the moderator...

I just got an email notifying me of a moderated submission, and apologize profusely for my lack of activity here (of on livejournal anywhere for that matter)... there aren't any entries sitting in the moderated queue awaiting approval, and I'm not entirely sure why LJ is making me approve them as I never set the group up that way. I just flipped through the account settings and didn't find anything in there that indicates that it is set up that way either. I will delve into the issue more when time permits and see if I can get it straightened out.

Anyway, I haven't been active on LJ in a couple years, other than approving posts as necessary in the groups that I do admin/moderate. I'm going to try to change that this year though, and that includes getting back into photography. I will hopefully have some of my own new additions to the group soon, and would love to see everyone else posting as well.
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