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Strangeness in the Stillwater cemetery...

Well... as I am more of a photographer of abandoned locations, I do not often find myself in a graveyard.
However, this past week was an exception in that I had severe cabin-fever and needed to get out.
I grabbed my camera and just kinda went wherever....
(I did not solely find myself in the Stillwater cemetery, it was just a stop I made along "the way")
If you wish to see my entire outing, here's my entry on my personal journal:
"Things Not Missed"
Along with this cemetery, I also hit an abandoned viaduct and slaughterhouse...

I digress...

I have but a few images from my time at the cemetery.
The retreating storm clouds created an almost otherworldly look to the day...

I came across this tiny Mary statue in the far rear of the cemetery's property.
The statue is no more than 12-inches from head to toe...
From the looks of her, she has seen many years out there alone in her grassy field.

Thanks for looking,
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